Health Services Administration, B.A.

St. Andrews University

Course Description

The St. Andrews’ Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Services
Administration (BAHSA)* prepares students to improve
the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery in diverse
provider settings within the healthcare industry. Health
services professionals manage medical information and
healthcare staff. They make hiring decisions and lead a team
of healthcare workers. They make strategic decisions, lead
projects, and manage budgets through their understanding
of healthcare trends, quality assurance, ethical issues,
public policy, management of key financial metrics, and risk

Students work closely with academic advisors to choose
electives, as well as campus and community activities that
meet their interest, round out their education in a liberal
arts setting, and build a strong resume. The BAHSA degree*
offers a capstone research project that integrates acquired
healthcare knowledge, business skills, legal and ethical
foundations, strategic and critical thinking, and leadership
in healthcare organizations. The dynamic degree in BAHSA*
at St. Andrews prepares the graduate for an ever-changing
healthcare industry.